Saturday, February 23, 2013


I have a MAGICAL studio space, where I teach my mosaic workshops.  This year I decided to host  "guest artists" to teach/share there unique techniques.  The first artist was Laurie Zuckerman, an amazing artist best known for her shrines and memory jugs.   The day flew by... I now know how my students feel when they take one of my classes.  They hold up there work and say, "I am so proud of myself & I had the best day, when can I do it again".  That is how I felt, blessed to have the opportunity to work with Laurie and eager to create more.


  1. love your work! do you sell your work somewhere online or just commissions?

    1. go to and click on works and then body & soul to see my collection of mosaic dresses. let me know which one you like? I do sell them quickly, so not all of them are available.