Thursday, September 15, 2011


Growing up on a farm

I grew up on a farm w/ my 3 siblings- while the were off riding horses, I would sneak into the wood shop with farmer Al who would teach me how to use all of his power tools.  My favorite piece of machinery was the band saw.  I would spend everyday after high school cutting out wood shapes that I would later paint and create into art pieces.

As a young adult I was fortunate enough to interact with a group of Tramp artist from Troy NY.  I was fascinated with their unique technique of cutting and layering cut out pieces of orange crates to create depth and texture.

It is a combination of these 2 techniques that I have mastered over the years, that I use for the base of my mosaic forms.

TIP: cutting out wooden shapes is harder than it looks, like anything else there is an art to it that has taken me most of my life to perfect.

Anecdote: when strange looking farmers want to be your friend- talk to them, they might have something interesting to teach you!